Monday, November 1, 2010

UN Day

The UN Day celebrations have officially come to a close. After a few days of football matches, volleyball games and speeches, we closed out with a huge party here at the main compound. On Friday, Roz and I were recruited to help the women prepare the food for the party. Despite my attempts at getting the MEN to help prepare and cook, it all fell on the laps of us women. The men were busy playing sports and drinking. "Andrea, the men CANNOT possibly prepare the food. This is a woman's job." Yes it is a woman's job BECAUSE YOU ALLOW IT TO BE. Believe it or not, men CAN make french fries and fried chicken. THEY ARE PHYSICALLY ABLE TO. They just don't because the woman always quietly "assume their role" and let things carry on as they always have. If a woman can be a president of this war torn country, MEN CAN PEEL POTATOES. There goes that crazy white woman talk again.

We started preparing around 9 am and then were set up for the party by 7 pm. It started as more of a high school dance than a UN Party, judge for yourself....

By the way, I was NOT part of the decorating committe.

But, as the night went on, things started to pick up.

We were entertained by a magician from the Indian Battalion,

a singer from Uganda

and an awards ceremony (complete with speeches).

I owe all of my wonderful pictures of the party to this guy (Johnny, our WFP field monitor):

He took my camera around 7:30pm and returned it at midnight with a full card, a dead battery, and lasting memories of this eventful night.

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