Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Curiosity killed the mouse, or at least got him out of the house

Last night I was laying in bed reading with my headlamp. I kept hearing noises on the other side of the room, near my food basket, but I could never see anything moving when I would shine my light in that area. I know the sound of a mouse when I hear one, and I was pretty sure that one was over there. I got out of bed 3 times to turn on the light and check things out. I shook my bucket, reclosed my basket, and kicked the desk and chair hoping to see something run away. Nothing. Maybe it was just the wind blowing the curtains. Or the generator. Or my imagination. But, I kept hearing it and I kept shining my headlamp over to the area. Then, finally, I saw something move INSIDE of my food basket! This basket to be exact:
I jumped out of bed, switched on the light and went to investigate. There, inside the basket, was a tiny little mouse staring back at me. If look carefully at the pic below, you will see 2 little black eyes and a pink nose towards the right hand side of the pic.
I had trapped him inside and to be honest, no matter how cute you think he is, my first thought was "HA! I've got you now, you little *&^%**&%!" With a huge smile on my face, I carried the basket outside, down the walkway, into the driveway and tipped it over, spilling out all of the contents, including he mouse. He ran away in a fury towards the generator shack.
I win.

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