Friday, November 19, 2010

Impromptu Party

It started as an afterwork Happy Hour at 3pm. It ended as a late night dance party at 11pm.

We have half-days on Friday and usually spend the free afternoon napping, reading, doing laundry or just sitting around. Yesterday that changed. A bunch of us met at a local bar/restaurant for lunch and a quick drink. As more and more people joined us, the quick drink turned out to be not so quick.

I have to start out by saying that my colleagues and friends here are such wonderful people. We have so much fun hanging out in and out of work. We laugh, share stories and make fun of each other. One thing that I have come to realize is that the relationships I have with my Liberian friends are so much different than the relationships I had with my Zambian friends. I owe that to the different level of work I am doing, the different living situation I am in, and the different culture here. I enjoy each of these experiences (in Liberia and in Zambia) in their own way. Both will hold a special place in me forever!

So, back to the party...
We sat around drinking for a while and then the dancing began!
We couldn't sit down- the music kept playing and the beers kept flowing!

As time went by, the crowd watching us from the sidewalk grew from zero, to about 10, to about 50. I can't blame them. White people dancing IS pretty exciting.

We had a great time although the 11 hour car ride to Monrovia the next morning really sucked...

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