Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Zwedru Birthday

Not to brag, but we threw a stellar birthday party today for one of our drivers, Frank. Ok, it was mostly Ruthia's idea, but either way, it was fun.
We spent all day getting ready: making a menu, cooking, and preparing our party games.
The menu consisited of fried plantains and spam, sweet potato balls with pepper sauce, popcorn, plantain chips and drinks.

Our first party game was bowling. The bowling ally was made up of pieces of ply wood the guest house renovators had left behind, 6 1.5 L water bottles (filled), and a coconut (cut open, shelled, filled with rocks and duck taped back together). Now thats what I call being resourceful!

The second party game was a pinata. Our pinata (Ruthia's creative idea!) was created by covering blown up condoms with homemade paper mache. After it dried, we had 3 half circles which were later taped together to create an elongated soccer ball. You work with what you got.

Here are some highlights from the night:

Franks grand entrance (it was a surprise!). He was so excited, especially because it is the first birthday party he has ever had.

Bowling extravaganza!

Birthday cake cutting....

And the pinata!

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