Friday, November 19, 2010

...and almost didn't make it back.

I had such high hopes for the trip back to Zwedru. A few hours in and those hopes were dashed. We got stuck. And I don't mean stuck, I mean STUCK. And our winch was broken.

After admitting defeat, our driver sent someone to the closest village to recruit people to come help. For 3 hours we (...other people) shoveled the mud and jacked up the car and revved the engine and pushed forward and pulled backward. After all that, all that was accomplished was that the hole we were stuck in got deeper and the mud around the car got muddier. And I got to take more pictures from the sidelines. I offered to help, but honestly think I would've just been in the way!
Finally, as the sun was setting and the thunder started rolling, a huge truck came by and pulled us out.


The End.

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