Monday, October 18, 2010

Moto GP

I have seen enough motorbike accidents in the past 3 months to last me a lifetime. So you can probably imagine my excitement when I learned that the YMCA was holding "Motorbike Safety classes" here in town. Of the approximately 1 million motorbikes (a small exaggeration, but close enough) in Zwedru, I would say about 20% attended. I know this because all of the "graduates" received a safety vest and a helmet to wear while driving their bikes. Of every 10 motorbikes that pass me, about 2 are wearing the "graduate" gear.
Saturday was the last day of the training. The classes closed with a motorbike parade around town. A few drivers took this as a prime opportunity to impress the ladies and show off tricks (that they learned in class?) such as standing up, sitting wayyyy back, lifting feet up off pedals etc.
I've decided that what used to be a chaotic swarm of motorbike drivers racing around town is now a chaotic swarm of motorbike drivers in bright orange YMCA safety vests with bright red helmets racing around town.

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