Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The drinking deacon

Today Ruthia and I were having an after work drink with 2 of our WFP drivers and another UN worker, who I will call the drinking deacon.
As we were enjoying our beverages we saw the drinking deacon pulling off the labels from his bottles and throwing them on the floor. We asked him why he didn't like his labels. I'll repeat the conversation as best as I can.
Me: Why don't you like to have the labels on your bottle?
DD: Well, you see, I am a big man in my church. I am a deacon [his italics, not mine]. And I don't want my congregation to see me drinking.
Me (thinking): You're really tricking them by throwing the labels on the floor
Me (saying): So you don't want the people at your church to see you drinking while you're sitting inside the bar with a bottle in front of you?
DD: Right, but, don't worry, I know that God will be the only one to judge me in the end and I know I can't fool him by taking the labels off.
Me (looking worried): Ok. ummm...
WFP driver: You should not try to be a people pleaser.
Me: So, when you are preaching at church, do you tell the congregation not to drink?
DD: Of course! I say 'dont drink it is not good for you.'
Me: Soooo, youre a hypocrite?
DD: hahahhaha.I guess so. hahahaha.
Me: And you're ok with that?
DD: hahahha. Sure. and what religion are you?
Me (reluctantly): Catholic
DD: Well catholics drink too!
ME: I never said you shouldn't drink. I was just wondering why its ok for you to drink but not your fellow church goers.
DD: hahahah Well I told the pastor that I drink but that he shouldn't tell anyone so its our secret.
Me (confused): so....... that makes it ok?
DD: hahahaha. And when it is my time to meet God I will explain my reasons to him. He will accept them.
Me: Ok, explain them to me and let's see what happens.
DD: Hahhahah. No! You won't accept them.

Yet another memorable conversation that makes the white girl look crazy for not understanding the obvious-ness (as in "Duh Andrea. If I take the labels off no one will know and God will understand") of Liberian ways.

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