Thursday, October 14, 2010

The end of an era (season)....

Tomorrow is October 15th. Word on the Zwedru street is that October 15th marks the official end of the rainy season. And as I write this I am drying off from getting stuck in a lunch time downpour, more big black clouds are rolling in, and my shoes are still muddy from last evenings downpour (that I also got stuck in on my way home from work. Ive thought about buying an umbrella, but I've made it this far without one...).
If you ask enough people, you can find a few who make the point that rainy season started late so it may not end on time (on time meaning exactly October 15th). It could be more like end of October, or mid November, or heck, why not go into December?
Don't get me wrong, I love the smell of rain here, I love the sound of thunder, I love how it cools the air down. BUT, I have to be in Monrovia (via bush taxi) in 2 weeks. If it doesn't stop TOMORROW, it may take me 2 days to get to Monrovia. It took my friend 7 hours to go 140 Kms yesterday (on the road leading to Monrovia). UN 4x4 vehicles are getting stuck. The Chinese road workers can only do so much when the rain keeps coming.
My pictures above do not do it justice. You have to look closley to see the rivers forming on the ground. You should really come see it for yourself.

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