Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bon Appetit!

About two weeks ago, my house mate and I decided to go into town for an early Sunday morning egg sandwich. On the way there we found a restaurant serving rice and potato greens- a classic Liberian dish and one of my favs. You probably think we are crazy but we decided to have our breakfast here rather than go for the egg sandwich.
Later that day, I started not feeling alright. I don't blame the rice and greens solely, but a culmination of everything I put in my body that weekend- cheese, fried chicken, beer, pringles, oreos, pasta, etc. I was still sort of getting over a small bout of possible giardia from the previous weekend, but that didn't stop me from the usual weekend binge. Come on, you know me better than that. Yet, this time it wasn't so much the cramping and diarrhea but the burning in my upper abdomen and diarrhea. This of course led to the hemorrhoids that I am still dealing with. Yeah I said it. No shame. Don't act like its never happened to you. Especially if you've ever been a Peace Corps volunteer.
So, fast forward to yesterday. Ruthia and I met for lunch at King's Lodge Restaurant. I had the pepper soup and fufu. She got the rice and potato greens (I haven't been able to eat them for 2 weeks, due to the beginning of the tragic aversion to my once favorite food). As we were sitting there eating our lunch I look over and see Ruthia examining her fish very intently. In slow motion, she looks over at me, hands me her plate and says, very calmly, "My fish is moving." "What? Your fish is moving?!" Sure enough I look down and see tons of tiny white maggots crawling around in her fish. You can go vomit now. I almost did.
After getting rid of the piece of fish (and having the waitress say she will happily bring us a new piece.... um, no thanks.), Ruthia again looks over at me, and as if she was deep in thought asks "Well, whats the worst that can happen if you eat maggots? Explosive diarrhea?" " Yeah, probably." "Ok, I can handle that. Just as long as I can't get tape worm."
Now, I've had tape worm. And I've seen maggots crawling around in fish. I prefer tape worm.
Today I go for lunch at my usual place (Munah Planet bar and restaurant) where I always get the jollof rice. Of course today, for the first time ever, they didn't have it (when I asked why they said because it is cool out and people can't eat jollof rice when it is cool out. Duh.) Well, OF COURSE they have rice and potato greens. Ok, I'm starving, I'll give it a whirl. But when it came to the table, I couldn't eat it. I could not eat it. Nope. No way. My abdomen started burning. My hemorrhoids started acting up. I immediately felt like going to the bathroom. Pictures of maggots were floating around in my head.
It was a horrible day. I had to admit to myself that my meals of rice and potato greens may have come to an end.
Bon Appetit.

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  1. oh no! roids already?! You're going to explode if you ever push out a baby!