Sunday, August 22, 2010

Umbrella, ella, ella

It's Sunday and it's raining. It's been raining all week. I've had to swim home from work a few times. The clothes I washed yesterday have still not dried- they actually feel wetter.
Today was a good day to roll over in bed, curl up with a book and take an afternoon nap (or two). Around 1:00, I got up enough energy to go to town and grab lunch. I got about 2 minutes outside of the gate and it started pouring on me. I really need to buy an umbrella. Hunger won and I kept walking. At least my rain coat comes with a hood. Unfortunately, being Sunday, most restaurants are closed, and being a rainy day, most street food vendors are not vending. I eventually managed to find some bread and bananas and take cover until the rain let up a little. When I got back to the compound the guards looked at me like I was crazy and started apologizing, as if somehow the rain was their fault. I think I just looked extremely pathetic... a white girl soaking wet in the rain, carrying bread and bananas. Yup, pathetic.

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