Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm Terty

It has been a great birthday weekend! I have been blessed with some great new NGO friends who helped me celebrate in style. I've only known them for a week, but as soon as they heard it was my birthday, they all got together and organized a dinner party for me. This was not just any dinner party: there was wine (red AND white), beer, smoked salmon (the host just returned from Norway and brought it back with her), salad (with THREE types of veggies in it), roast chicken, a homemade sauce with eggplant and peanut butter, sweet potatoes, a chocolate cake and watermelon. I haven't seen a spread of food like this since arriving in country. And, it was even served in courses. After course one, we got up, chatted, had a drink, and then sat for course two. After course two we got up, chatted, had a drink, ... repeat for course 3. Ruthia and I kept looking at each other- first, wondering if it was real, and second, feeling way out of place (We seem a little more grungy than the NGO workers)! We discussed the upcoming Liberian elections, debated how Liberia can improve, and laughed at almost everything.
Today was pretty much a usual Sunday. I had to get my laundry done before I leave for Saclapea tomorrow, had an egg sandwich (my last one for a while... my stomach has convinced me to stop), took a nap, and Skyped. This evening we went to Doe's palace (see upcoming post)and had some sundownders. Its always a great way to end the weekend, start the week, and spend a birthday!

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