Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Ok, not really retirement, but it is my last day of work at WFP. To be honest, I'm not feeling too sad. Time is up here. I've learned a lot from working with a UN agency (e.g. I will never work for one again) but am ready to move on (so if you know someone hiring let me know).
I got into work this morning, did some final paper work and then left for one last meeting at the hospital. I think it was a trick to send me off with a real TIA feeling... the meeting started late, lasted WAAAYYYY too long, it was HOT, people talked in circles most of the time (just to be heard), and I had to take minutes. Yes, TIA. I will miss you, but only after I'm gone!

The view from my desk for the past 5 months (I know I'll miss those palm trees when the snow starts falling on me at home):

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